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Get the good night's sleep you both need

Being a parent doesn't mean that you have to give up your sleep. We all parent better with a good night's rest. Let me help you achieve the sleep you deserve!


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When was the last time you slept more than a few hours?

I specifically remember waking up with my daughter for the third time one night and realizing it was only 11:30pm. I knew something had to change. I got to a point where I would not even realize I was going to my daughter's room. I would "wake up," realize I was rocking and nursing her, and think "How did I get here?!" 

Maybe you are like me and sincerely miss your late night Netflix binging. Maybe you're trying to sleep train, but you just can't find the sweet spot of what your little one needs. Regardless of where you are, I am here to help! I can meet you where you are in this journey and lead you to the "promised land" of sleep! 

Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me today so we can chat more! I'd love to tell you more about me and learn all about you!

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Baby mobile

Comprehensive Assessment of Sleep Patterns and Parent's Goals

Baby monitor

Text and Email Support

Baby blocks

Custom Sleep Plan and Schedule Based on Child's Sleep Needs


Support on the First Night

Sleeping Baby

Confidence in Your Little One's Sleep

Rested Parents Are Saying..

Ashlyn was amazing!! She was so helpful, attentive to our needs and most importantly- she listened to what we wanted and made a plan customized to us! My daughter has been sleeping through the night since we started the program! She had been waking 2-4 times a night prior to that! Thank you Ashlyn for giving us the tools we needed to provide restful sleep for our little one!


Ashlyn helped give me some of my life back as a new mom who was being crippled by sleepless nights. I was getting maybe 3 hours per night for months and I was losing myself, I felt like my body was breaking down, regular tasks seemed impossible. I now get at the bare minimum at least 6 hours nightly and I’m just less lost. I get time with my husband, time to breathe, time to shower. My son is doing a lot better now that he’s getting enough sleep too. It was hard but so worth it.