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Are you ready for the journey to


Are you ready to be able to put your little one to bed and go downstairs to relax with a glass of wine? Maybe you work from home and the only time you have to work is when your baby is asleep? Are you ready to finally be able to confidently hire a babysitter to watch the monitor while you and your partner go out for a date night?


Ages 0-4 months

Ages 4-17 months

Ages 18 months - 4 years

Additional Services:


This is for those who have just a couple questions and need quick answers. You will fill out a short questionnaire and leave up to 3 questions for me. I will respond with a PDF via email answering your questions within 48 business hours. 


A more affordable option where you join a group with up to 7 other families and follow the same plan in helping your baby fall asleep independently. Follow me on social media for when sign ups open. 

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